Expressions of Life

World! a complete wonderland for a newborn baby as he enters into it. First thing that we all had done after coming into this world would be ‘crying’ if we believe our parents and the people who were witness of our birth. As life unfolds itself we start loving it and think that we feel pretty good out there until life gets harsh and shows some of it’s rare images that we never would have expected. Life comprises of mixed set of events, sometimes you will think that it’s your worst wreck less enemy and the other moment you will realize it’s motherly love for you.
According to my experiences, I came across two types of people in this world: One who are okay with whatever is going on in their lives; good or bad. They won’t like to change themselves or their surroundings. These kind of people will probably believe what is told to them by their ancestors. Then there is the other kind, the curious ones and I would say the real trouble makers for the time. These are the ones who would never get satisfied with what so ever will be told to them and would like to experience it on their own.
As an Asian girl, I was always told by our society that you should behave yourself like all other girls of your age. I was fond of travelling and wanted to explore the nature however, there were the boundaries and I was told time and again that you are not a boy so stop this nonsense. Unfortunately, I am among the second kind that were discussed above. Society keeps on telling me that you would not be able to do this and I keep on doing the same thing and prove them wrong. I was never frighten of the fact that what would happen if I fail. For me my only success was to TRY!

I make resolutions every year, this time I have decided to travel the world all alone. I like to explore everything and see how it reacts. I have always believed that nature has its own way of sharing it’s thoughts with us. NATURE DOES TALK, in most unique way.  All the experiments I have done so far with my life, I don’t have a single regret. You know why ? Because I believe that I am different and it’s expressions of my believes that made me who I am today.

So believe in yourself, play with your mind and explore yourself. Never settle for less than WHO YOU REALLY ARE.



Life is on the other side of FEAR!

When I was a kid, I was scared of various things that I never wanted to experience. The most weird fear that I experience in my life was fear to ride an escalator. My mother use to take me to a shopping mall and the first time I ride on it, I was hell scared. However, as I reach the middle I started enjoying it. We all have such fears that we don’t want to face, I think that we underestimate the real energy we had in us. Fear is just we have in our mind if we overcome that we will be able to understand what we are capable to do.

Most Commonly, people have water or height phobia but believe me once you will come across something related to that you will know how your fear was a hurdle in creating a wonderful experience. I had experience of Cliff diving and before that like many of us I never would have imagined to jump in water, but as I mentioned earlier fear was just an illusion. After that one jump my perspective about everything changed. I was more courageous, confident and ready to face every unwanted situation of life.

All these fears are temporary or are somehow related to physical level. The biggest fear that one can ever assume is the ‘fear of attachment’. Sometimes, we come across such people or things that become a part of our daily life. Apparently we call it love or concern however, it’s none of that. When such things or people expired or leave respectively, our life become empty and we don’t want to remember them hence resulting in depressing ourselves.

Our mind is full of pleasant and gloomy memories. When we have a bad memory we just want to forget that. According to Newton’s third law every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When you are having a bad memory instead of running away from it Face it! Think about it only then you will realise YOU CAN’T. Memories are not under our control similarly we can not control our life. Good and bad things will happen accordingly instead of that we should experience it just for the sake of it.

Once we will understand that bad memories are a part of us that we are trying to neglect, we just have to own them.


Village Girl – Ray of Hope Episode 1

Zarmina, a 13 years old small village girl with beautiful smiling eyes in which she had kept her big dreams. She use to get up early in the morning when the sky is still dark and her family members are still under deep sleep. Zarmina along with her 3 younger siblings (two brothers Kashif & Ali and one other sister Mahgul) and her mom Salma use to sleep in their small yet beautiful courtyard. Her father Zaheer Ahmed died when she was only 10 years old. He was a school teacher and had immense love for her family.
bloZarmina was a different girl as compared to other girls of her age. Her never compromising nature to anything that is slightly illegal in her eyes. She want to proceed with her father’s dream of educating all the girls in their small village. Every morning she has to leave along with her siblings for school and there was no conveyance facility available in their area yet the passion for education was marvellous and worth praising. She use to carry her little sister’s bag while going to school and on her way back. After all, her siblings look on to her for everything. After coming back from school she use to help her mother as well. She was a role model for her siblings just like Zaheer Ahmed was for her daughter.
Zarmina belong to a small village where there was not much awareness about education and people think exposure of school and education  for their girls was offensive for their family. Zaheer Ahmed, wanted to change this thinking however, in the midst of all this chaos he was killed by the extremists in their area. His only dream was to make his people understand the importance of education. Zarmina still remembers the time when she and her father had a conversation while watering the plants in their courtyard:

“Why do plants need water ?” Zarmina asked in an innocent tone

Zaheer Ahmed looked at her smiling
“So that they can grow well”

What happens if they don’t get enough water, Zarmina asked

Zaheer Ahmed elaborated:
It will be difficult for them to survive

Zarmina still remember that and use to think about it every night before going to sleep under the open sky full of stars.

To be continued……

Actions Speak Louder Than Everything

Few days back I was thinking that humans have different perspective regarding various parts of life. However, with the pace of time we lack the aptitude for understanding others perspective. Everyone just want to emphasize what they want and neglect the choice of others. Hence, chaos is created in our surroundings.

Let me quote a little example from my life in which I experience that before suggesting anything to anyone we should firstly act upon it. I believe that most of us would be able to relate to such situations. My mom is a simple lady, all she cares about is her family as its her biggest responsibility. Recently we had a family event coming up and I was trying to convince my mom to go to the salon and pamper herself or at least take care of her daily skin regime in order to look good. However, as mothers are quite stubborn and they won’t agree no matter what we say, so did my dear mother.
I did a little experiment and start following my daily skin care routine in front of my mom, drank almost 8 glasses of water, cleansing and moisturizer & stuff like that. To my surprise after 3 days my mom was trying to follow me. I was quite shocked to see that as I have been asking her to do so since long but she has her reasons to reject me. Right in that moment I realize that life is amazing. Our parent are the people who have trained us for various things in life. They obviously have more experience than us and know how to cater any situation. However, they too can get inspired by our little actions.
Similarly, if we think carefully about life then we will be able to realize that we always expect people to change themselves as we want however, we will never concentrate on ourselves. Change is something that begins from within. As Mahatma Gandhi said:
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

So before advising anyone about the change we need to focus on ourselves. Once you will accept the fact, you will be able to embrace the situation as well.

You can also share your change stories with me in the comment section below.
See you again soon.

Life as we know it…

Life has many colors and you won’t realise it until you start thinking about them. I am a marketing graduate and currently working as a recruiter in a global IT firm. After working for almost a year on the same position I realized that I don’t want to be like that. I am a different person who wants to achieve the passion. The biggest question was what is your passion? What are you good at? Honestly there were so many questions that were surrounding in my head. I always wanted to do something creative. I read a lot of stuff on internet and hence decided, to write blogs and articles in search of my ultimate passion.
creative writingWhen you know, what you want to achieve for your happiness do not wait long just follow your intuition. Fortunately, my instinct or intuition whatever you would like to call it is quite strong and has helped me in many scenarios. We all have this thing in us however, we neglect it or too busy in the external world that we are unable to listen. There are clues everywhere, we just need to observe carefully. Just remember we only have one life to live by and if we are unable to manage this one and keep on messing it up how would we be able to live a life that is never ending? Question yourself again and again as nobody except YOU can take you out of this trouble.

Do let me know about your passion and what you want to do for your happiness satisfaction.

Take care until next time.


Live from the heaven

August is the month of Monsoon in Asian countries. My love for rain is beyond word and any description. Those who have such feeling about rain may understand what is that all about. However, people are different and so is their feelings for everything. We have been hearing since our childhood ‘excess of anything is not cool’. Sometimes, rain does the same to good people and people will of course get cranky over that.

I believe that there is a need of understanding in every little thing that is happening around. No matter how bad the situation is use a pinch of understanding along with patience and your delicious recipe for happiness is ready. We just need to work little bit on our perspective about the bad things and as genious Einstien stated ‘God does not play dice’ you will know that everything has it’s own meaning on the longer run.

I know what you all be thinking how can we stay positive when everything is not going according to the plan. I say why stay on one plan only, if plan A is not working make plan B. So I say believe! And wait till the final count down begins for your happiness. Once you will understand that those who say everything will be fine are right. In the end I’ll say live your life and be happy rest will be the history.

That’s all for today. See you soon